Carroll Holman Insurance Brokers

Benchdesks maximise occupancy without compromising workspace or style.

In May 2016, Carroll’s Holman Insurance needed to increase the capacity of their central London premises from 30 to 50 seats.  By re-designing the layout from old style 1600mm L-shaped desks to 1400mm x 1440mm benchdesks, we delivered the required 50 seats without compromising workspace, style or storage.

Carroll’s location in Monument train station in the City of London meant delivery and installation had to work around heavy congestion and restricted parking.  By completing the job on a single Saturday, we ensured the Carroll’s team experienced zero downtime and installation was smooth and problem-free.

“Dealing with Benchdesking was a breeze! From the initial office visit and measuring we received a clear layout with all the new desks and how the office would look. The order process was straightforward and the fitting team fantastic. I would highly recommend them!”

Sami Sulaiman – Operations Director

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