1600x750x350mm 175kg UDL 4x Tier Freestanding FastLok RB Boss Unit with Galvanised Steel Frame & MDF Shelves

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FastLok Boltless Shelving Unit Galavanised, 4 MDF Shelves With A UDL Of 175kg *Please note that images are for illustration purposes only and scale may not represent the dimensions of the actual model. Please refer to the product dimensions before ordering.* UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load – Per Shelf


This premium RB Boss FastLok Freestanding Unit can hold up to 175kg per shelf, with its galvanised steel construction and high quality medium-density fibreboard it is perfect for all of your storage needs.Our shelving units are robust and versatile so they are able to be used effectively in a large variety of environments, from offices and utility rooms to garages and workshops.

Superior Build and Lock System

The RB Boss FastLok Rivet Assembly System ensures fast, easy and hassle-free assembly, simply select the components you wish to assemble, position the rivets at the top of the corresponding keyholes and push the riveted component downwards into place and secure it with a mallet. You could build a sturdy and dependable garage shelving unit in under 10 minutes!

Multiple Tiers

With 4 heavy duty shelving tiers this RB Boss FastLok Shelving Unit provides a vast amount of storage area so you don?t have to worry about running out of space. The galvanised steel construction of the unit?s frame and the dense fibreboard means that each shelf can handle a large amount of weight. The RB Boss range is truly the be-all and end-all of Freestanding Shelving Units.

***Please be careful not to use this product in damp or humid conditions, as this may compromise the integrity of the shelving boards.***

Weight11.4 kg
Weight Capacity

175kg UDL



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