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Aspire Bench Desks with a Choice of 3 Leg Styles

Goal Post, Hooped Leg & A-Frame
Available in a vast range of finish combinations for both legs and tops.
With the ability to share components, the Aspire bench desk allows for extendable managed desk clusters.
Wide Range of Sizes
Widths 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm & 2000mm 
Depths 800mm and 600mm 
Configurations: Straight Desk – Bench Desk – L- Shape Desk
Leg Finishes: Silver – White – Black
Add On’s: Dividing Screens -Cable Management

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Aspire bench desks offer a versatile and customizable solution for office spaces. These desks come with a choice of three leg styles: goal post, hooped leg, and A-frame. With a vast range of finish combinations for both legs and tops, users can create a unique look for their workspace.

The Aspire bench desk is designed to accommodate extendable managed desk clusters, allowing for greater flexibility in office layout. It is available in a wide range of sizes, including widths ranging from 1200mm to 2000mm and depths of 800mm and 600mm. Additionally, the desk can be configured as a straight desk, bench desk, or L-shape desk, providing users with a variety of options to suit their needs.

The desk legs come in three finishes: silver, white, and black, allowing users to match the desks to their existing office décor. Dividing screens and cable management can be added for privacy and cable organization.

Overall, the Aspire bench desk offers a flexible and customizable solution for modern office spaces. With its wide range of sizes and configurations, users can create a workspace that meets their specific needs.

Top Width

1200mm x 800mm, 1400mm x 800mm, 1600mm x 800mm

Number of Users

2 Person, 4 Person, 6 Person

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