Veta Acrylic Desk Top Screens

Current Goverment Advice – Helping Getting Back to Work

Use screens or barriers to separate people from each other
Use back-to-back or side-to-side working whenever possible
Follow GOV.UK link for the full advice

Veta Anti-Bacterial Screens
Topper Screens to Fit on Your Existing Screens
Side Screens to Help Enclose and Protect Your Staff
End & Side Screens extend 200mm beyond worksurface,
Offering greater protection between colleagues working adjacent.
Helping separate working areas, acting as sneeze guards and protection,
Shielding against droplets without the feeling of being boxed in.
Easily maintained and wiped clean with disinfectant.
Helping to shield & protect your employees

Please Contact for Prices and Availability


Contact Us for Pricing and Availability

Please contact us to get pricing and availability information for this product.

Veta Acrylic Screens offer a solution for offices and contact centers to comply with current government advice for working safely during COVID-19. The screens act as barriers to separate people and provide protection for employees. The screens come in a range of options, including Anti-Bacterial Screens, Topper Screens to Fit on Your Existing Screens, Side Screens, and End & Side Screens that extend beyond the worksurface for greater protection between colleagues.

The Veta Acrylic Screens help separate working areas, act as sneeze guards, and shield against droplets without making employees feel boxed in. They are easily maintained and wiped clean with disinfectant, providing a hygienic solution for the workplace.

For prices and availability, please contact the company. They offer delivery and installation services for the screens.

Screen Width

1200mm x 530mm, 1400mm x 530mm, 1600mm x 530mm, 1800mm x 530mm

Screen Colours

Black, Light Blue, Orange, Beige, Dark Yellow, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey

Fitting Colours(clamps)

Black, White, Matallic, Dark Grey


If you require any help with this product, please contact

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