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Delta C-Range Lockers

  • Wooden Stylish Bench Desking Range, ideal for modern offices looking for a distinct style with scope to expand
  • Available in 7 top finishes
  • Solid Ash Wood Legs
  • 5 year  guarantee

Top Sizes: 1200mm, 1400mm & 1600mm all 800mm Deep
Back to Back Sizes: 2 Person, 4 Person, 6 Person, 8 Person

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Modular locker cabinets are a versatile solution for secure personal and office items storage, temporary or all-day use. Delta C- Lockers can be useful for both resident and mobile workers or office visitors.

Create suitable combinations for various spaces by combining Delta C-Locker modules of the same height (917 mm / 1367 mm / 1817 mm). Also, you can combine doors of two heights (450 mm / 900 mm) and different types – the standard and with cut-out for mail or air circulation.

A variety of sizes and box types fulfils different needs – from storing small personal and work tools to big-size items. Having a convenient and safe place to keep your personal items gives you peace of mind. Customize your locker by using additional items such as metal shelves, name card holder or hook for clothes.


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